SS Domains

South Sudan SS domains will give internet society the opportunity to register great sounding .SS domains to brand their web property on the internet. Some of the domains you might soon see on your browser include the following:

.SS: “Nazi” Domains

The two words “SS”¬†also contain a dark historical significance especially for the older generation in Europe, that of the SS. SS was the name of the Schutzstaffel,a dark paramilitary organization in Nazi Germany responsible for much of the carnage in Europe and the Jewish genocide.There is concern that neo-Nazi hate groups might register .ss domains, an issue that will be raised during the policy making process for the .SS registry. However many other TLDs like .com .org .net .de .nl .fr etc also host neo-Nazi websites or hate material targeted at various groups. This will be an interesting debate as it unfolds.


We think this “fear” of the .SS domain namespace is simply being blown out of proportion. Presence of an SS namespace will not fuel or refuel neo-nazi online activity. Those groups are already adequately covered by domain namespaces such as .COM and .NET.


On the other hand, one area where we are seeing .ss domain name extensions being useful is in the startup community as well domain name investing.